I am delighted that you are all set to enroll your child to Dolphins high school, the vast ocean of knowledge.

Dolphins high school aims at the development and growth of various facets and aspects of a student's life and seeks to produce men and women of caliber who can face the challenges of a dynamic society. It simultaneously lays emphasis on spiritual and moral education with a secular base. The school has a distinctive style of blending the oriental and accidental with the rich fabric of our cultural and emotional heritage. In this quest for knowledge, truth, and beauty, students are provided with ample opportunities to develop their talents. Such students develop an integrated personality imbibed with a sense of duty and selfless service.


Dolphins High School, affiliated to the CBSE Board, was started in 2010 with the idea of providing a value- based education that would contribute to the holistic development of children. At Dolphins High School teaching is a pleasure and learning is a joy.

The School believes in providing a child-centric education. The entire range of activities in Dolphins High School have the objective of nurturing y children and making them responsible adults who can make a positive contribution to the world.

A comprehensive academic and co-curricular programme, experienced faculty members, personal attention & care, and state-of-the-art infrastructure collectively ensure that the education a child receives at Dolphins High School is holistic and international.

Members of Managing Comittee


We promise to give your child the best of education and give him the confidence to take on the future with control. We promise to reach our goal by developing your child's 8 Intelligences.

Linguistic /Verbal intelligence

Developing reading, writing, and speaking skills

Mathematical/ Logical intelligence

Developing the left brain, enhancing the

Musical/Rhythmic intelligence

Developing love for singing, music, and rhythmic

Visual/Spatial intelligence

Perceiving space in three dimensions and directions

Body/kinesthetic Intelligence

Developing a sense of physical movement, dancing, and role

Inter-personal Intelligence

Developing skills of leadership, person to person

Intra-personal Intelligence

Developing self-esteem, self-awareness (spiritual)

Naturalist Intelligence

Developing love for Nature-Flora & Fauna

We assure to inspire every child to always aim for higher.



To imbibe Perfection in the shape of Principles and Moral Values that nurture the human aspect in your child.

To instill exacting elements in his personality and create a distinct individual who gives a better shape to the future.


To provide a child-centered, stimulating, fun and safe learning environment. We see each child as an individual and strive to respect and value the needs and differences of each child and his/her family. We also draw on our experience as teachers (and parents) to support our families in their parenting roles. We foster a community where parents become friends and enjoy the support of one another. We take every opportunity to celebrate learning in children and share these importan


Fun and games fundamental to the learning process that involves little children. To inculcate in them a spirit of confidence, participation, and sportsmanship, the school offers a range of indoor and outdoor games.

Hobby Club

Each child is gifted and each child has a different set of hidden talent. Hobby club is an excellent avenue to unwrap these natural gifts & discover the children's potential, polish them, embellish them and make a child proud beholder of many skills.


The school offers a vast collection of comprehensive books for young students and opens the wonderful world of books to children.

The Learning Centre

The school has a learning centre which organizes computer and multi-media sessions. It has a vast collection of interactive compact discs. The children are motivated to be computer savvy.


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